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Over the past few years we have witnessed a surge in environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, driving one of the most significant trends in the financial markets for decades – sustainability. This extra financial information can tell us more about the performance of a company than ever before.

Founded in 2013, Arabesque has pioneered a new approach to asset management by integrating ESG big data with quantitative investment strategies.

Our investment process favors corporations that consider the interests of all stakeholders, and hence are more sustainable than others. It is an approach based on evidence showing that responsibility and profitability are wholly complimentary.

In our fast-changing world, people care more than ever before about how they invest their money, and precisely how financial return is generated. We are for those who seek to align their investments with values, without giving up performance.

Our mission is to make sustainable and responsible investing attractive and available to everyone. To empower people through transparency of data.

We believe economic value creation can and should be combined with environmental stewardship, social inclusion and sound governance. This is because sustainability factors are more than merely extra financial considerations for investors; they form the very foundations of successful markets.

The word Arabesque represents the geometry of patterns, and the importance of symmetry in nature. Through big data and machine learning, our technology integrates ESG information with quantitative investment strategies, with the aim of delivering long-term performance whilst reducing portfolio risk.  

By making this approach accessible to all, we believe that finance can be a catalyst of change and allow us to invest through our values.